Interactive Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

Reviving Iterative Training with Mask Guidance for Interactive Segmentation

saic-vul/ritm_interactive_segmentation 12 Feb 2021

We find that the models trained on a combination of COCO and LVIS with diverse and high-quality annotations show performance superior to all existing models.

Deep Interactive Object Selection

IntelVCL/Intseg CVPR 2016

Interactive object selection is a very important research problem and has many applications.

f-BRS: Rethinking Backpropagating Refinement for Interactive Segmentation

saic-vul/fbrs_interactive_segmentation CVPR 2020

We propose f-BRS (feature backpropagating refinement scheme) that solves an optimization problem with respect to auxiliary variables instead of the network inputs, and requires running forward and backward pass just for a small part of a network.

Getting to 99% Accuracy in Interactive Segmentation

marcoforte/fba_matting 17 Mar 2020

We propose a novel interactive architecture and a novel training scheme that are both tailored to better exploit the user workflow.

NuClick: A Deep Learning Framework for Interactive Segmentation of Microscopy Images

navidstuv/NuClick 29 May 2020

As nuclei, cells and glands are fundamental objects for downstream analysis in computational pathology/cytology, in this paper we propose a simple CNN-based approach to speed up collecting annotations for these objects which requires minimum interaction from the annotator.

EdgeFlow: Achieving Practical Interactive Segmentation with Edge-Guided Flow

PaddlePaddle/PaddleSeg 20 Sep 2021

In addition, with the proposed method, we develop an efficient interactive segmentation tool for practical data annotation tasks.

Segment Everything Everywhere All at Once

ux-decoder/segment-everything-everywhere-all-at-once 13 Apr 2023

In SEEM, we propose a novel decoding mechanism that enables diverse prompting for all types of segmentation tasks, aiming at a universal segmentation interface that behaves like large language models (LLMs).


OpenGVLab/SAM-Med2D 30 Aug 2023

To bridge this gap, we introduce SAM-Med2D, the most comprehensive studies on applying SAM to medical 2D images.

Deep Extreme Cut: From Extreme Points to Object Segmentation

scaelles/DEXTR-PyTorch CVPR 2018

This paper explores the use of extreme points in an object (left-most, right-most, top, bottom pixels) as input to obtain precise object segmentation for images and videos.

Interactive Object Segmentation With Inside-Outside Guidance

shiyinzhang/Inside-Outside-Guidance CVPR 2020

This paper explores how to harvest precise object segmentation masks while minimizing the human interaction cost.