inverse tone mapping

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ExpandNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for High Dynamic Range Expansion from Low Dynamic Range Content

dmarnerides/hdr-expandnet 6 Mar 2018

This paper presents a method for generating HDR content from LDR content based on deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) termed ExpandNet.

Deep Recursive HDRI: Inverse Tone Mapping using Generative Adversarial Networks

Siyeong-Lee/Deep_Recursive_HDRI ECCV 2018

Because most images have a low dynamic range, recovering the lost dynamic range from a single low dynamic range image is still prevalent.

Deep SR-ITM: Joint Learning of Super-Resolution and Inverse Tone-Mapping for 4K UHD HDR Applications

sooyekim/Deep-SR-ITM ICCV 2019

Joint SR and ITM is an intricate task, where high frequency details must be restored for SR, jointly with the local contrast, for ITM.

Luminance Attentive Networks for HDR Image and Panorama Reconstruction

lwt3437/lanet 14 Sep 2021

Based on this observation, we propose a novel normalization method called " HDR calibration " for HDR images stored in relative luminance, calibrating HDR images into a similar luminance scale according to the LDR images.

Unsupervised HDR Imaging: What Can Be Learned from a Single 8-bit Video?

tattaka/unsupervised-hdr-imaging 11 Feb 2022

Recently, Deep Learning-based methods for inverse tone-mapping standard dynamic range (SDR) images to obtain high dynamic range (HDR) images have become very popular.