JPEG Artifact Correction

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Correction of visual artifacts caused by JPEG compression, these artifacts are usually grouped into three types: blocking, blurring, and ringing. They are caused by quantization and removal of high frequency DCT coefficients.

Most implemented papers

Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising

cszn/DnCNN 13 Aug 2016

Discriminative model learning for image denoising has been recently attracting considerable attentions due to its favorable denoising performance.

Image Restoration Using Convolutional Auto-encoders with Symmetric Skip Connections

titu1994/Image-Super-Resolution 29 Jun 2016

In this work, we propose a very deep fully convolutional auto-encoder network for image restoration, which is a encoding-decoding framework with symmetric convolutional-deconvolutional layers.

Multi-level Wavelet-CNN for Image Restoration

lpj0/MWCNN 18 May 2018

With the modified U-Net architecture, wavelet transform is introduced to reduce the size of feature maps in the contracting subnetwork.

Compression Artifacts Reduction by a Deep Convolutional Network

ryanxingql/powerqe ICCV 2015

Lossy compression introduces complex compression artifacts, particularly the blocking artifacts, ringing effects and blurring.

Residual Dense Network for Image Restoration

yulunzhang/RDN 25 Dec 2018

We fully exploit the hierarchical features from all the convolutional layers.

MemNet: A Persistent Memory Network for Image Restoration

tyshiwo/MemNet ICCV 2017

We apply MemNet to three image restoration tasks, i. e., image denosing, super-resolution and JPEG deblocking.

Towards Flexible Blind JPEG Artifacts Removal

jiaxi-jiang/fbcnn ICCV 2021

Training a single deep blind model to handle different quality factors for JPEG image artifacts removal has been attracting considerable attention due to its convenience for practical usage.

Swin2SR: SwinV2 Transformer for Compressed Image Super-Resolution and Restoration

mv-lab/swin2sr 22 Sep 2022

Using this method we can tackle the major issues in training transformer vision models, such as training instability, resolution gaps between pre-training and fine-tuning, and hunger on data.

Quantization Guided JPEG Artifact Correction

Queuecumber/quantization-guided-ac ECCV 2020

The JPEG image compression algorithm is the most popular method of image compression because of its ability for large compression ratios.

Learning a Single Model with a Wide Range of Quality Factors for JPEG Image Artifacts Removal

VDIGPKU/QGCN 15 Sep 2020

Our proposed network is a single model approach that can be trained for handling a wide range of quality factors while consistently delivering superior or comparable image artifacts removal performance.