Kidney Function

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Continuous prediction of urine production in the next 2h as an average rate in ml/kg/h. The task is predicted at irregular intervals.


Most implemented papers

Yet Another ICU Benchmark: A Flexible Multi-Center Framework for Clinical ML

rvandewater/yaib 8 Jun 2023

Datasets and code are not always published, and cohort definitions, preprocessing pipelines, and training setups are difficult to reproduce.

Kidney segmentation in neck-to-knee body MRI of 40,000 UK Biobank participants

tarolangner/ukb_segmentation 12 Jun 2020

In this work, a pipeline for automated segmentation of parenchymal kidney volume in UK Biobank neck-to-knee body MRI is proposed.

HiRID-ICU-Benchmark -- A Comprehensive Machine Learning Benchmark on High-resolution ICU Data

ratschlab/HIRID-ICU-Benchmark NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmarks 2021

The recent success of machine learning methods applied to time series collected from Intensive Care Units (ICU) exposes the lack of standardized machine learning benchmarks for developing and comparing such methods.

MLC at HECKTOR 2022: The Effect and Importance of Training Data when Analyzing Cases of Head and Neck Tumors using Machine Learning

vlbthambawita/hecktor_2022_mlc 30 Nov 2022

We proposed two approaches; one using only the CT scans to make predictions and another using a combination of the CT and PET scans.