L2 Regularization

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Quantifying Generalization in Reinforcement Learning

openai/coinrun 6 Dec 2018

In this paper, we investigate the problem of overfitting in deep reinforcement learning.

Data Augmentation L2 Regularization

Re-evaluating Continual Learning Scenarios: A Categorization and Case for Strong Baselines

GT-RIPL/Continual-Learning-Benchmark 30 Oct 2018

Continual learning has received a great deal of attention recently with several approaches being proposed.

Continual Learning L2 Regularization

Distributionally Robust Neural Networks

kohpangwei/group_DRO ICLR 2020

Distributionally robust optimization (DRO) allows us to learn models that instead minimize the worst-case training loss over a set of pre-defined groups.

L2 Regularization Natural Language Inference +1

Towards Unsupervised Deep Image Enhancement with Generative Adversarial Network

eezkni/UEGAN 30 Dec 2020

In this paper, we present an unsupervised image enhancement generative adversarial network (UEGAN), which learns the corresponding image-to-image mapping from a set of images with desired characteristics in an unsupervised manner, rather than learning on a large number of paired images.

Image Enhancement L2 Regularization

Collaboratively Weighting Deep and Classic Representation via L2 Regularization for Image Classification

zengsn/research 21 Feb 2018

We propose a deep collaborative weight-based classification (DeepCWC) method to resolve this problem, by providing a novel option to fully take advantage of deep features in classic machine learning.

General Classification Image Classification +2

Learning a smooth kernel regularizer for convolutional neural networks

rfeinman/SK-regularization 5 Mar 2019

We propose a smooth kernel regularizer that encourages spatial correlations in convolution kernel weights.

L2 Regularization Object Recognition

Understanding and Stabilizing GANs' Training Dynamics with Control Theory

taufikxu/GAN_PID 29 Sep 2019

There are existing efforts that model the training dynamics of GANs in the parameter space but the analysis cannot directly motivate practically effective stabilizing methods.

Ranked #19 on Image Generation on CIFAR-10 (Inception score metric)

Image Generation L2 Regularization

Neurogenesis-Inspired Dictionary Learning: Online Model Adaption in a Changing World

sgarg87/neurogenesis_inspired_dictionary_learning 22 Jan 2017

In this paper, we focus on online representation learning in non-stationary environments which may require continuous adaptation of model architecture.

Dictionary Learning Hippocampus +2