Landmark Recognition

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Most implemented papers

Google Landmarks Dataset v2 -- A Large-Scale Benchmark for Instance-Level Recognition and Retrieval

cvdfoundation/google-landmark 3 Apr 2020

GLDv2 is the largest such dataset to date by a large margin, including over 5M images and 200k distinct instance labels.

2nd Place and 2nd Place Solution to Kaggle Landmark Recognition andRetrieval Competition 2019

PaddlePaddle/models 10 Jun 2019

We present a retrieval based system for landmark retrieval and recognition challenge. There are five parts in retrieval competition system, including feature extraction and matching to get candidates queue; database augmentation and query extension searching; reranking from recognition results and local feature matching.

Two-stage Discriminative Re-ranking for Large-scale Landmark Retrieval

cvdfoundation/google-landmark 25 Mar 2020

Due to the variance of the images, which include extreme viewpoint changes such as having to retrieve images of the exterior of a landmark from images of the interior, this is very challenging for approaches based exclusively on visual similarity.

Google Landmark Recognition 2020 Competition Third Place Solution

haqishen/Google-Landmark-Recognition-2020-3rd-Place-Solution 11 Oct 2020

We present our third place solution to the Google Landmark Recognition 2020 competition.

Efficient Nearest Neighbors Search for Large-Scale Landmark Recognition

fmaglia/BoI 15 Jun 2018

It allows to drastically reduce the query time and outperforms the accuracy results compared to the state-of-the-art methods for large-scale landmark recognition.

An accurate retrieval through R-MAC+ descriptors for landmark recognition

fmaglia/keras_rmac_plus 22 Jun 2018

The landmark recognition problem is far from being solved, but with the use of features extracted from intermediate layers of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), excellent results have been obtained.

NU-LiteNet: Mobile Landmark Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks

chakkritte/NU-LiteNet 2 Oct 2018

The growth of high-performance mobile devices has resulted in more research into on-device image recognition.

Improving Landmark Recognition using Saliency detection and Feature classification

AKASH2907/indian_landmark_recognition 30 Nov 2018

Image Landmark Recognition has been one of the most sought-after classification challenges in the field of vision and perception.

Large-scale Landmark Retrieval/Recognition under a Noisy and Diverse Dataset

lyakaap/Landmark2019-1st-and-3rd-Place-Solution 10 Jun 2019

Besides, we devise a discriminative re-ranking method to address the diversity of the dataset for landmark retrieval.

Supporting large-scale image recognition with out-of-domain samples

psinger/kaggle-landmark-recognition-2020-1st-place 4 Oct 2020

This article presents an efficient end-to-end method to perform instance-level recognition employed to the task of labeling and ranking landmark images.