Landmark Tracking

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Most implemented papers

DeepTag: An Unsupervised Deep Learning Method for Motion Tracking on Cardiac Tagging Magnetic Resonance Images

DeepTag/cardiac_tagging_motion_estimation CVPR 2021

Cardiac tagging magnetic resonance imaging (t-MRI) is the gold standard for regional myocardium deformation and cardiac strain estimation.

Breaking Shortcut: Exploring Fully Convolutional Cycle-Consistency for Video Correspondence Learning

steve-tod/stfc3 12 May 2021

Previous cycle-consistency correspondence learning methods usually leverage image patches for training.

Reasoning Structural Relation for Occlusion-Robust Facial Landmark Localization

zhuccly/srn 19 Dec 2021

Moreover, the SRN augments the training data by synthesizing occluded faces.

WarpPINN: Cine-MR image registration with physics-informed neural networks

fsahli/warppinn 22 Nov 2022

In this work, we introduce WarpPINN, a physics-informed neural network to perform image registration to obtain local metrics of the heart deformation.