Language Acquisition

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Language acquisition refers to tasks related to the learning of a second language.


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Semantic speech retrieval with a visually grounded model of untranscribed speech

kamperh/semantic_flickraudio 5 Oct 2017

We introduce a newly collected data set of human semantic relevance judgements and an associated task, semantic speech retrieval, where the goal is to search for spoken utterances that are semantically relevant to a given text query.

Predicting and Explaining Human Semantic Search in a Cognitive Model

FilipMiscevic/random_walk WS 2018

Recent work has attempted to characterize the structure of semantic memory and the search algorithms which, together, best approximate human patterns of search revealed in a semantic fluency task.

Neural Network Acceptability Judgments

nyu-mll/CoLA-baselines TACL 2019

This paper investigates the ability of artificial neural networks to judge the grammatical acceptability of a sentence, with the goal of testing their linguistic competence.

Context Based Approach for Second Language Acquisition

iampuntre/slam18 WS 2018

Our system uses a logistic regression model to predict the likelihood of a student making a mistake while answering an exercise on Duolingo in all three language tracks - English/Spanish (en/es), Spanish/English (es/en) and French/English (fr/en).

Language as a Cognitive Tool to Imagine Goals in Curiosity-Driven Exploration

flowersteam/Imagine 21 Feb 2020

We argue that the ability to imagine out-of-distribution goals is key to enable creative discoveries and open-ended learning.

Learning Music Helps You Read: Using Transfer to Study Linguistic Structure in Language Models

toizzy/tilt-transfer EMNLP 2020

We propose transfer learning as a method for analyzing the encoding of grammatical structure in neural language models.

Visually Grounded Continual Learning of Compositional Phrases


To study this human-like language acquisition ability, we present VisCOLL, a visually grounded language learning task, which simulates the continual acquisition of compositional phrases from streaming visual scenes.

Cross-linguistically Consistent Semantic and Syntactic Annotation of Child-directed Speech

ida-szubert/childes_ud2lf 22 Sep 2021

We then demonstrate the utility of the compiled corpora through (1) a longitudinal corpus study of the prevalence of different syntactic and semantic phenomena in the CDS, and (2) applying an existing computational model of language acquisition to the two corpora and briefly comparing the results across languages.

An Efficient, Probabilistically Sound Algorithm for Segmentation and Word Discovery

kamperh/dpdp_aernn 12 May 1999

The model yields a language-independent, prior probability distribution on all possible sequences of all possible words over a given alphabet, based on the assumption that the input was generated by concatenating words from a fixed but unknown lexicon.