Left Ventricle Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

End-to-end Learning of Convolutional Neural Net and Dynamic Programming for Left Ventricle Segmentation

minhnhat93/EDPCNN MIDL 2019

Differentiable programming is able to combine different functions or programs in a processing pipeline with the goal of applying end-to-end learning or optimization.

Curriculum semi-supervised segmentation

LIVIAETS/semi_curriculum 10 Apr 2019

This study investigates a curriculum-style strategy for semi-supervised CNN segmentation, which devises a regression network to learn image-level information such as the size of a target region.

Contrastive Pretraining for Echocardiography Segmentation with Limited Data

biomedia-mbzuai/contrastive-echo 16 Jan 2022

Our results show that contrastive pretraining helps improve the performance on left ventricle segmentation, particularly when annotated data is scarce.