Lesion Detection

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MULAN: Multitask Universal Lesion Analysis Network for Joint Lesion Detection, Tagging, and Segmentation

rsummers11/CADLab 12 Aug 2019

When reading medical images such as a computed tomography (CT) scan, radiologists generally search across the image to find lesions, characterize and measure them, and then describe them in the radiological report.

Improving RetinaNet for CT Lesion Detection with Dense Masks from Weak RECIST Labels

fizyr/keras-retinanet 5 Jun 2019

We propose a highly accurate and efficient one-stage lesion detector, by re-designing a RetinaNet to meet the particular challenges in medical imaging.

Lesion Focused Super-Resolution

GinZhu/RDST 15 Oct 2018

Super-resolution (SR) for image enhancement has great importance in medical image applications.

Reg R-CNN: Lesion Detection and Grading under Noisy Labels

MIC-DKFZ/RegRCNN 22 Jul 2019

To this end, we propose Reg R-CNN, which replaces the second-stage classification model of a current object detector with a regression model.

A Generalized Deep Learning Framework for Whole-Slide Image Segmentation and Analysis

haranrk/DigiPathAI 1 Jan 2020

However, the size of images and variability in histopathology tasks makes it a challenge to develop an integrated framework for histopathology image analysis.

Stroke Lesion Segmentation with Visual Cortex Anatomy Alike Neural Nets

DarkoBomer/VCA-Net 13 May 2021

Fast and precise stroke lesion detection and location is an extreme important process with regards to stroke diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

FCN-Transformer Feature Fusion for Polyp Segmentation

ESandML/FCBFormer 17 Aug 2022

The resulting features from both branches are then fused for final prediction of a $h\times w$ segmentation map.

Low-Dose CT with a Residual Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Neural Network (RED-CNN)

SSinyu/RED_CNN 1 Feb 2017

Given the potential X-ray radiation risk to the patient, low-dose CT has attracted a considerable interest in the medical imaging field.

An Ensemble Deep Learning Based Approach for Red Lesion Detection in Fundus Images

ignaciorlando/red-lesion-detection 9 Jun 2017

In this paper we propose a novel method for red lesion detection based on combining both deep learned and domain knowledge.