LIDAR Semantic Segmentation

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Cylinder3D: An Effective 3D Framework for Driving-scene LiDAR Semantic Segmentation

xinge008/Cylinder3D 4 Aug 2020

A straightforward solution to tackle the issue of 3D-to-2D projection is to keep the 3D representation and process the points in the 3D space.

3D Semantic Segmentation LIDAR Semantic Segmentation

3D-MiniNet: Learning a 2D Representation from Point Clouds for Fast and Efficient 3D LIDAR Semantic Segmentation

Shathe/3D-MiniNet 25 Feb 2020

Fast and efficient semantic segmentation methods are needed to match the strong computational and temporal restrictions of many of these real-world applications.

2D Semantic Segmentation Autonomous Driving +3

FG-Net: Fast Large-Scale LiDAR Point Clouds Understanding Network Leveraging Correlated Feature Mining and Geometric-Aware Modelling

KangchengLiu/Feature-Geometric-Net-FG-Net 17 Dec 2020

This work presents FG-Net, a general deep learning framework for large-scale point clouds understanding without voxelizations, which achieves accurate and real-time performance with a single NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU.

3D Part Segmentation 3D Point Cloud Classification +4

FIDNet: LiDAR Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation with Fully Interpolation Decoding

placeforyiming/iros21-fidnet-semantickitti 8 Sep 2021

In this paper, we propose a new projection-based LiDAR semantic segmentation pipeline that consists of a novel network structure and an efficient post-processing step.

LIDAR Semantic Segmentation Semantic Segmentation