Line Art Colorization

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User-Guided Deep Anime Line Art Colorization with Conditional Adversarial Networks

orashi/AlacGAN 9 Aug 2018

Scribble colors based line art colorization is a challenging computer vision problem since neither greyscale values nor semantic information is presented in line arts, and the lack of authentic illustration-line art training pairs also increases difficulty of model generalization.

Tag2Pix: Line Art Colorization Using Text Tag With SECat and Changing Loss

blandocs/Tag2Pix ICCV 2019

A GAN approach is proposed, called Tag2Pix, of line art colorization which takes as input a grayscale line art and color tag information and produces a quality colored image.

Eliminating Gradient Conflict in Reference-based Line-Art Colorization

kunkun0w0/sga 13 Jul 2022

To understand the instability in training, we detect the gradient flow of attention and observe gradient conflict among attention branches.