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Key Points Estimation and Point Instance Segmentation Approach for Lane Detection

koyeongmin/PINet 16 Feb 2020

In the case of traffic line detection, an essential perception module, many condition should be considered, such as number of traffic lines and computing power of the target system.

READ-BAD: A New Dataset and Evaluation Scheme for Baseline Detection in Archival Documents

Transkribus/TranskribusBaseLineEvaluationScheme 9 May 2017

Well established text line segmentation evaluation schemes such as the Detection Rate or Recognition Accuracy demand for binarized data that is annotated on a pixel level.

Fast 3D Line Segment Detection From Unorganized Point Cloud

xiaohulugo/3DLineDetection 8 Jan 2019

This paper presents a very simple but efficient algorithm for 3D line segment detection from large scale unorganized point cloud.

Real-Time Salient Closed Boundary Tracking via Line Segments Perceptual Grouping

NathanUA/SalientClosedBoundaryTracking 30 Apr 2017

The tracking scheme is coherently integrated into a perceptual grouping framework in which the visual tracking problem is tackled by identifying a subset of these line segments and connecting them sequentially to form a closed boundary with the largest saliency and a certain similarity to the previous one.

A Two-Stage Method for Text Line Detection in Historical Documents

TobiasGruening/ARU-Net 9 Feb 2018

For example, for the complex track of the cBAD: ICDAR2017 Competition on Baseline Detection the F-value is increased from 0. 859 to 0. 922.

Deep Hough Transform for Semantic Line Detection

Hanqer/deep-hough-transform ECCV 2020

In addition to the proposed method, we design an evaluation metric to assess the quality of line detection and construct a large scale dataset for the line detection task.

PingAn-VCGroup's Solution for ICDAR 2021 Competition on Scientific Literature Parsing Task B: Table Recognition to HTML

PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR 5 May 2021

In our method, we divide the table content recognition task into foursub-tasks: table structure recognition, text line detection, text line recognition, and box assignment. Our table structure recognition algorithm is customized based on MASTER [1], a robust image textrecognition algorithm.

GPU-Based Computation of 2D Least Median of Squares with Applications to Fast and Robust Line Detection

ligaripash/CudaLMS2D 5 Oct 2015

The 2D Least Median of Squares (LMS) is a popular tool in robust regression because of its high breakdown point: up to half of the input data can be contaminated with outliers without affecting the accuracy of the LMS estimator.

Semantic Line Detection and Its Applications

dongkwonjin/Semantic-Line-SLNet ICCV 2017

Then, we develop the line pooling layer to extract a feature vector for each candidate line from the feature maps.

A-Contrario Horizon-First Vanishing Point Detection Using Second-Order Grouping Laws

alexvonduar/V ECCV 2018

We show that, in images of man-made environments, the horizon line can usually be hypothesized based on an a contrario detection of second-order grouping events.