Link Sign Prediction

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Most implemented papers

Deep Network Embedding for Graph Representation Learning in Signed Networks

shenxiaocam/Deep-network-embedding-for-graph-representation-learning-in-signed-networks 7 Jan 2019

As an effective approach to solve graph mining problems, network embedding aims to learn a low-dimensional feature vector representation for each node of a given network.

Learning Opinion Dynamics From Social Traces

corradomonti/learnable-opinion-dynamics 2 Jun 2020

In this work we propose an inference mechanism for fitting a generative, agent-like model of opinion dynamics to real-world social traces.

Decoupled Variational Embedding for Signed Directed Networks

xuChenSJTU/DVE-master 28 Aug 2020

Comprehensive results on both link sign prediction and node recommendation task demonstrate the effectiveness of DVE.

Signed Bipartite Graph Neural Networks

huangjunjie-cs/SBGNN 22 Aug 2021

Signed bipartite networks are different from classical signed networks, which contain two different node sets and signed links between two node sets.

SSSNET: Semi-Supervised Signed Network Clustering

sherylhyx/sssnet_signed_clustering 13 Oct 2021

Node embeddings are a powerful tool in the analysis of networks; yet, their full potential for the important task of node clustering has not been fully exploited.