Liver Segmentation

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The Liver Tumor Segmentation Benchmark (LiTS)

assassint2017/MICCAI-LITS2017 13 Jan 2019

The best liver segmentation algorithm achieved a Dice score of 0. 96(MICCAI) whereas for tumor segmentation the best algorithm evaluated at 0. 67(ISBI) and 0. 70(MICCAI).

Med3D: Transfer Learning for 3D Medical Image Analysis

Tencent/MedicalNet 1 Apr 2019

The performance on deep learning is significantly affected by volume of training data.

Models Genesis: Generic Autodidactic Models for 3D Medical Image Analysis

MrGiovanni/ModelsGenesis 19 Aug 2019

More importantly, learning a model from scratch simply in 3D may not necessarily yield performance better than transfer learning from ImageNet in 2D, but our Models Genesis consistently top any 2D approaches including fine-tuning the models pre-trained from ImageNet as well as fine-tuning the 2D versions of our Models Genesis, confirming the importance of 3D anatomical information and significance of our Models Genesis for 3D medical imaging.

Learning Semantics-enriched Representation via Self-discovery, Self-classification, and Self-restoration

JLiangLab/SemanticGenesis 14 Jul 2020

To this end, we train deep models to learn semantically enriched visual representation by self-discovery, self-classification, and self-restoration of the anatomy underneath medical images, resulting in a semantics-enriched, general-purpose, pre-trained 3D model, named Semantic Genesis.

H-DenseUNet: Hybrid Densely Connected UNet for Liver and Tumor Segmentation from CT Volumes

xmengli999/H-DenseUNet 21 Sep 2017

Our method outperformed other state-of-the-arts on the segmentation results of tumors and achieved very competitive performance for liver segmentation even with a single model.

Imperfect Segmentation Labels: How Much Do They Matter?

neheller/labels18 12 Jun 2018

Labeled datasets for semantic segmentation are imperfect, especially in medical imaging where borders are often subtle or ill-defined.

Transformation Consistent Self-ensembling Model for Semi-supervised Medical Image Segmentation

xmengli999/tcsm 28 Feb 2019

In this paper, we present a novel semi-supervised method for medical image segmentation, where the network is optimized by the weighted combination of a common supervised loss for labeled inputs only and a regularization loss for both labeled and unlabeled data.

Fully Automatic Liver Attenuation Estimation Combing CNN Segmentation and Morphological Operations

MASILab/ALARM 23 Jun 2019

Manually tracing regions of interest (ROIs) within the liver is the de facto standard method for measuring liver attenuation on computed tomography (CT) in diagnosing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Generating large labeled data sets for laparoscopic image processing tasks using unpaired image-to-image translation

nct_tso_public/laparoscopic-image-2-image-translation 5 Jul 2019

We show that this data set can be used to train models for the task of liver segmentation of laparoscopic images.

Optimal input configuration of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI in convolutional neural networks for liver segmentation

MarielleJansen/Liver-segmentation 22 Aug 2019

In this study, the optimal input configuration of DCE MR images for convolutional neural networks (CNNs) is studied.