Logical Fallacy Detection

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Scaling Language Models: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Training Gopher

allenai/dolma NA 2021

Language modelling provides a step towards intelligent communication systems by harnessing large repositories of written human knowledge to better predict and understand the world.

Logical Fallacy Detection

causalnlp/logical-fallacy 28 Feb 2022

In this paper, we propose the task of logical fallacy detection, and provide a new dataset (Logic) of logical fallacies generally found in text, together with an additional challenge set for detecting logical fallacies in climate change claims (LogicClimate).

Training Compute-Optimal Large Language Models

karpathy/llama2.c 29 Mar 2022

We investigate the optimal model size and number of tokens for training a transformer language model under a given compute budget.

CASA: Causality-driven Argument Sufficiency Assessment

xxxiaol/casa 10 Jan 2024

Motivated by the definition of probability of sufficiency (PS) in the causal literature, we proposeCASA, a zero-shot causality-driven argument sufficiency assessment framework.