Lung Nodule Classification

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DeepLung: Deep 3D Dual Path Nets for Automated Pulmonary Nodule Detection and Classification

uci-cbcl/DeepLung 25 Jan 2018

DeepLung consists of two components, nodule detection (identifying the locations of candidate nodules) and classification (classifying candidate nodules into benign or malignant).

Fast CapsNet for Lung Cancer Screening

amobiny/Fast_CapsNet 19 Jun 2018

We show that CapsNets significantly outperforms CNNs when the number of training samples is small.

Multi-level CNN for lung nodule classification with Gaussian Process assisted hyperparameter optimization

automl/fanova 2 Jan 2019

In this paper, a non-stationary kernel is proposed which allows the surrogate model to adapt to functions whose smoothness varies with the spatial location of inputs, and a multi-level convolutional neural network (ML-CNN) is built for lung nodule classification whose hyperparameter configuration is optimized by using the proposed non-stationary kernel based Gaussian surrogate model.

Lung Nodule Classification using Deep Local-Global Networks

mundher/local-global 23 Apr 2019

In this paper, we propose a novel method to predict the malignancy of nodules that have the capability to analyze the shape and size of a nodule using a global feature extractor, as well as the density and structure of the nodule using a local feature extractor.

Lung nodule detection and classification from Thorax CT-scan using RetinaNet with transfer learning

ivanwilliammd/I3DR-Net-Transfer-Learning Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences 2020

Lung malignancy is one of the most common causes of death in the world caused by malignant lung nodules which commonly diagnosed radiologically by radiologists.

Learning Efficient, Explainable and Discriminative Representations for Pulmonary Nodules Classification

fei-hdu/NAS-Lung 19 Jan 2021

Besides, empirical study shows that the reasoning process of learned networks is in conformity with physicians' diagnosis.