Medical Procedure

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Predicting medical procedures performed during a hospital admission.

Most implemented papers

Clinical Outcome Prediction from Admission Notes using Self-Supervised Knowledge Integration

bvanaken/clinical-outcome-prediction EACL 2021

Outcome prediction from clinical text can prevent doctors from overlooking possible risks and help hospitals to plan capacities.

Probabilistic 3D segmentation for aleatoric uncertainty quantification in full 3D medical data

cviviers/prob_3d_segmentation 1 May 2023

To this end, we have developed a 3D probabilistic segmentation framework augmented with NFs, to enable capturing the distributions of various complexity.

MeVGAN: GAN-based Plugin Model for Video Generation with Applications in Colonoscopy

gmum/mevgan 7 Nov 2023

However, video generation of high-resolution data is a very demanding task for generative models, due to the large need for memory.