Metaheuristic Optimization

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In computer science and mathematical optimization, a metaheuristic is a higher-level procedure or heuristic designed to find, generate, or select a heuristic (partial search algorithm) that may provide a sufficiently good solution to an optimization problem. For some examples, you can visit


Most implemented papers

Gnowee: A Hybrid Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm for Constrained, Black Box, Combinatorial Mixed-Integer Design

SlaybaughLab/Gnowee 15 Apr 2018

This paper introduces Gnowee, a modular, Python-based, open-source hybrid metaheuristic optimization algorithm (Available from https://github. com/SlaybaughLab/Gnowee).

Pontogammarus Maeoticus Swarm Optimization: A Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm

bghojogh/PMSO-Metaheuristic-Optimization 5 Jul 2018

In this algorithm, global optima is modeled as sea edge (coast) to which Gammarus creatures are willing to move in order to rest from sea waves and forage in sand.

Tree-Based Optimization: A Meta-Algorithm for Metaheuristic Optimization

bghojogh/TBO-Metaheuristic-Optimization 25 Sep 2018

The experimental results on several well-known benchmarks show the outperforming performance of TBO algorithm in finding the global solution.

Multi-Modal Forest Optimization Algorithm

cominsys/MultiModal-FOA 5 Mar 2019

Most real-world problems have more than one solution; therefore, the potential role of multi-modal optimization algorithms is rather significant.

ILS-SUMM: Iterated Local Search for Unsupervised Video Summarization

YairShemer/ILS-SUMM 8 Dec 2019

We consider shot-based video summarization where the summary consists of a subset of the video shots which can be of various lengths.

Battle royale optimization algorithm

cominsys/BRO 2 Jun 2020

The proposed method is inspired by a genre of digital games knowns as “battle royale.” BRO is a population-based algorithm in which each individual is represented by a soldier/player that would like to move toward the safest (best) place and ultimately survive.

Motion-Encoded Particle Swarm Optimization for Moving Target Search Using UAVs

duongpm/MPSO 5 Oct 2020

This paper presents a novel algorithm named the motion-encoded particle swarm optimization (MPSO) for finding a moving target with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Safety-enhanced UAV Path Planning with Spherical Vector-based Particle Swarm Optimization

duongpm/SPSO 13 Apr 2021

A cost function is first formulated to convert the path planning into an optimization problem that incorporates requirements and constraints for the feasible and safe operation of the UAV.

JANUS: Parallel Tempered Genetic Algorithm Guided by Deep Neural Networks for Inverse Molecular Design

aspuru-guzik-group/janus 7 Jun 2021

Inverse molecular design, i. e., designing molecules with specific target properties, can be posed as an optimization problem.