Micro-Expression Recognition

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Facial Micro-Expression Recognition is a challenging task in identifying suppressed emotion in a high-stake environment, often comes in very brief duration and subtle changes.

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Enriched Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Network for Facial Micro-Expression Recognition

IcedDoggie/Micro-Expression-with-Deep-Learning 22 May 2018

Facial micro-expression (ME) recognition has posed a huge challenge to researchers for its subtlety in motion and limited databases.

Micro-Attention for Micro-Expression recognition

CodeShareBot/Micro-Attention-for-Micro-Expression 6 Nov 2018

The existence of micro expression in small-local areas on face and limited size of available databases still constrain the recognition accuracy on such emotional facial behavior.

Shallow Triple Stream Three-dimensional CNN (STSTNet) for Micro-expression Recognition

christy1206/STSTNet 10 Feb 2019

In the recent year, state-of-the-art for facial micro-expression recognition have been significantly advanced by deep neural networks.

Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression Recognition using 3D Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Networks

bogireddytejareddy/micro-expression-recognition 27 Mar 2019

This paper proposes two 3D-CNN methods: MicroExpSTCNN and MicroExpFuseNet, for spontaneous facial micro-expression recognition by exploiting the spatiotemporal information in CNN framework.

A Novel Apex-Time Network for Cross-Dataset Micro-Expression Recognition

Mvrjustid/ACII19-Apex-Time-Network 7 Apr 2019

As researchers working on such topics are moving to learn from the nature of micro-expression, the practice of using deep learning techniques has evolved from processing the entire video clip of micro-expression to the recognition on apex frame.

ICE-GAN: Identity-aware and Capsule-Enhanced GAN with Graph-based Reasoning for Micro-Expression Recognition and Synthesis

crane-papercode/ICE-GAN 9 May 2020

Micro-expressions are reflections of people's true feelings and motives, which attract an increasing number of researchers into the study of automatic facial micro-expression recognition.

Seeking Salient Facial Regions for Cross-Database Micro-Expression Recognition

jiangxingxun/Seeking_Salient_Facial_Region 30 Nov 2021

Cross-Database Micro-Expression Recognition (CDMER) aims to develop the Micro-Expression Recognition (MER) methods that satisfy different conditions (equipment, subjects, and scenes) in practical application, i. e., the MER method of strong domain adaption ability.