Micro Expression Recognition

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Enriched Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Network for Facial Micro-Expression Recognition

IcedDoggie/Micro-Expression-with-Deep-Learning 22 May 2018

Facial micro-expression (ME) recognition has posed a huge challenge to researchers for its subtlety in motion and limited databases.

GPT as Psychologist? Preliminary Evaluations for GPT-4V on Visual Affective Computing

envision-research/gpt4affectivity 9 Mar 2024

In conclusion, this paper provides valuable insights into the potential applications and challenges of MLLMs in human-centric computing.

Micro-Attention for Micro-Expression recognition

CodeShareBot/Micro-Attention-for-Micro-Expression 6 Nov 2018

The existence of micro expression in small-local areas on face and limited size of available databases still constrain the recognition accuracy on such emotional facial behavior.

Shallow Triple Stream Three-dimensional CNN (STSTNet) for Micro-expression Recognition

christy1206/STSTNet 10 Feb 2019

In the recent year, state-of-the-art for facial micro-expression recognition have been significantly advanced by deep neural networks.

Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression Recognition using 3D Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Networks

bogireddytejareddy/micro-expression-recognition 27 Mar 2019

This paper proposes two 3D-CNN methods: MicroExpSTCNN and MicroExpFuseNet, for spontaneous facial micro-expression recognition by exploiting the spatiotemporal information in CNN framework.

A Novel Apex-Time Network for Cross-Dataset Micro-Expression Recognition

Mvrjustid/ACII19-Apex-Time-Network 7 Apr 2019

As researchers working on such topics are moving to learn from the nature of micro-expression, the practice of using deep learning techniques has evolved from processing the entire video clip of micro-expression to the recognition on apex frame.

ICE-GAN: Identity-aware and Capsule-Enhanced GAN with Graph-based Reasoning for Micro-Expression Recognition and Synthesis

crane-papercode/ICE-GAN 9 May 2020

Micro-expressions are reflections of people's true feelings and motives, which attract an increasing number of researchers into the study of automatic facial micro-expression recognition.

Seeking Salient Facial Regions for Cross-Database Micro-Expression Recognition

jiangxingxun/Seeking_Salient_Facial_Region 30 Nov 2021

To solve these problems, this paper proposes a novel Transfer Group Sparse Regression method, namely TGSR, which aims to 1) optimize the measurement and better alleviate the difference between the source and target databases, and 2) highlight the valid facial regions to enhance extracted features, by the operation of selecting the group features from the raw face feature, where each region is associated with a group of raw face feature, i. e., the salient facial region selection.

MMNet: Muscle motion-guided network for micro-expression recognition

muse1998/mmnet 14 Jan 2022

By adding the position embeddings of the face generated by PC module at the end of the two branches, the PC module can help to add position information to facial muscle motion pattern features for the MER.