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Mitosis Detection

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A Unified Framework for Tumor Proliferation Score Prediction in Breast Histopathology

21 Dec 2016CODAIT/deep-histopath

We present a unified framework to predict tumor proliferation scores from breast histopathology whole slide images.


SlideRunner - A Tool for Massive Cell Annotations in Whole Slide Images

7 Feb 2018maubreville/SlideRunner

It provides single-click annotations as well as a blind mode for multi-annotations, where the expert is directly shown the microscopy image containing the cells that he has not yet rated.


Spatial-Temporal Mitosis Detection in Phase-Contrast Microscopy via Likelihood Map Estimation by 3DCNN

27 Apr 2020naivete5656/MDMLM

In this paper, we propose a novel mitosis detection method that can detect multiple mitosis events in a candidate sequence and mitigate the human annotation gap via estimating a spatiotemporal likelihood map by 3DCNN.