Mobile Security

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AndroShield: Automated Android Applications Vulnerability Detection, a Hybrid Static and Dynamic Analysis Approach

AmrAshraf/AndroShield MDPI Information 2019

The security of mobile applications has become a major research field which is associated with a lot of challenges.

Robustness of on-device Models: Adversarial Attack to Deep Learning Models on Android Apps

Jinxhy/AppAIsecurity 12 Jan 2021

Deep learning has shown its power in many applications, including object detection in images, natural-language understanding, and speech recognition.

Deep Learning for Android Malware Defenses: a Systematic Literature Review

yueyueL/DL-based-Android-Malware-Defenses-review 9 Mar 2021

In this paper, we conducted a systematic literature review to search and analyze how deep learning approaches have been applied in the context of malware defenses in the Android environment.

heterogeneous temporal graph transformer: an intelligent system for evolving android malware detection

kdd2021drdroid/KDD2021_DrDroid KDD 2021

To capture malware evolution, we further consider the temporal dependence and introduce a heterogeneous temporal graph to jointly model malware propagation and evolution by considering heterogeneous spatial dependencies with temporal dimensions.