Monocular Depth Estimation

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The Monocular Depth Estimation is the task of estimating scene depth using a single image.

Source: Defocus Deblurring Using Dual-Pixel Data

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FastDepth: Fast Monocular Depth Estimation on Embedded Systems

dwofk/fast-depth 8 Mar 2019

In this paper, we address the problem of fast depth estimation on embedded systems.

Monocular Depth Estimation Network Pruning

Unsupervised Scale-consistent Depth Learning from Video

JiawangBian/SC-SfMLearner-Release 25 May 2021

We propose a monocular depth estimator SC-Depth, which requires only unlabelled videos for training and enables the scale-consistent prediction at inference time.

Monocular Depth Estimation Monocular Visual Odometry +1

Unsupervised Scale-consistent Depth and Ego-motion Learning from Monocular Video

JiawangBian/SC-SfMLearner-Release NeurIPS 2019

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to show that deep networks trained using unlabelled monocular videos can predict globally scale-consistent camera trajectories over a long video sequence.

Depth And Camera Motion Monocular Depth Estimation +1

DepthLab: Real-Time 3D Interaction With Depth Maps for Mobile Augmented Reality

googlesamples/arcore-depth-lab 22 Oct 2020

Slow adoption of depth information in the UX layer may be due to the complexity of processing depth data to simply render a mesh or detect interaction based on changes in the depth map.

Depth And Camera Motion Indoor Monocular Depth Estimation +1

Deep Ordinal Regression Network for Monocular Depth Estimation

hufu6371/DORN CVPR 2018

These methods model depth estimation as a regression problem and train the regression networks by minimizing mean squared error, which suffers from slow convergence and unsatisfactory local solutions.

Monocular Depth Estimation

From Big to Small: Multi-Scale Local Planar Guidance for Monocular Depth Estimation

cogaplex-bts/bts 24 Jul 2019

We show that the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art works with significant margin evaluating on challenging benchmarks.

Monocular Depth Estimation

Competitive Collaboration: Joint Unsupervised Learning of Depth, Camera Motion, Optical Flow and Motion Segmentation

anuragranj/cc CVPR 2019

We address the unsupervised learning of several interconnected problems in low-level vision: single view depth prediction, camera motion estimation, optical flow, and segmentation of a video into the static scene and moving regions.

Monocular Depth Estimation Motion Estimation +2

Fast Robust Monocular Depth Estimation for Obstacle Detection with Fully Convolutional Networks

fangchangma/sparse-to-dense.pytorch 21 Jul 2016

We propose a novel appearance-based Object Detection system that is able to detect obstacles at very long range and at a very high speed (~300Hz), without making assumptions on the type of motion.

Monocular Depth Estimation Object Detection

Learning to Recover 3D Scene Shape from a Single Image

aim-uofa/AdelaiDepth CVPR 2021

Despite significant progress in monocular depth estimation in the wild, recent state-of-the-art methods cannot be used to recover accurate 3D scene shape due to an unknown depth shift induced by shift-invariant reconstruction losses used in mixed-data depth prediction training, and possible unknown camera focal length.

3D Scene Reconstruction Monocular Depth Estimation +1