Monocular Visual Odometry

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DF-VO: What Should Be Learnt for Visual Odometry?

Huangying-Zhan/DF-VO 1 Mar 2021

More surprisingly, they show that the well-trained networks enable scale-consistent predictions over long videos, while the accuracy is still inferior to traditional methods because of ignoring geometric information.

Monocular Visual Odometry Optical Flow Estimation

Visual Odometry Revisited: What Should Be Learnt?

Huangying-Zhan/DF-VO 21 Sep 2019

In this work we present a monocular visual odometry (VO) algorithm which leverages geometry-based methods and deep learning.

Monocular Visual Odometry

OV$^{2}$SLAM : A Fully Online and Versatile Visual SLAM for Real-Time Applications

ov2slam/ov2slam 8 Feb 2021

Many applications of Visual SLAM, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics or autonomous driving, require versatile, robust and precise solutions, most often with real-time capability.

Autonomous Driving Monocular Visual Odometry +2

DeepVO: Towards End-to-End Visual Odometry with Deep Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks

fshamshirdar/DeepVO 25 Sep 2017

This paper presents a novel end-to-end framework for monocular VO by using deep Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks (RCNNs).

Monocular Visual Odometry Motion Estimation

Extending Monocular Visual Odometry to Stereo Camera Systems by Scale Optimization

jiawei-mo/scale_optimization 29 May 2019

This paper proposes a novel approach for extending monocular visual odometry to a stereo camera system.

Monocular Visual Odometry Stereo Matching +1

WGANVO: Monocular Visual Odometry based on Generative Adversarial Networks

CIFASIS/wganvo 27 Jul 2020

In this work we present WGANVO, a Deep Learning based monocular Visual Odometry method.

Monocular Visual Odometry

Sparse Representations for Object and Ego-motion Estimation in Dynamic Scenes

hkashyap/SparseMotion 9 Mar 2019

Dynamic scenes that contain both object motion and egomotion are a challenge for monocular visual odometry (VO).

Depth And Camera Motion Monocular Visual Odometry +2