Moral Scenarios

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Most implemented papers

Scaling Language Models: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Training Gopher

allenai/dolma NA 2021

Language modelling provides a step towards intelligent communication systems by harnessing large repositories of written human knowledge to better predict and understand the world.

"Oops, Did I Just Say That?" Testing and Repairing Unethical Suggestions of Large Language Models with Suggest-Critique-Reflect Process

llm-ethics/ethicssuite 4 May 2023

Moreover, we propose a novel on-the-fly (OTF) repairing scheme that repairs unethical suggestions made by LLMs in real-time.

Evaluating the Moral Beliefs Encoded in LLMs

ninodimontalcino/moralchoice NeurIPS 2023

(2) We apply this method to study what moral beliefs are encoded in different LLMs, especially in ambiguous cases where the right choice is not obvious.

MOKA: Moral Knowledge Augmentation for Moral Event Extraction

launchnlp/moka 16 Nov 2023

News media employ moral language to create memorable stories, and readers often engage with the content that align with their values.

SaGE: Evaluating Moral Consistency in Large Language Models

vnnm404/SaGE 21 Feb 2024

To this extent, we construct the Moral Consistency Corpus (MCC), containing 50K moral questions, responses to them by LLMs, and the RoTs that these models followed.