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Baidu Apollo EM Motion Planner

ApolloAuto/apollo 20 Jul 2018

In this manuscript, we introduce a real-time motion planning system based on the Baidu Apollo (open source) autonomous driving platform.

Autonomous Driving Motion Planning +1

Complex-YOLO: Real-time 3D Object Detection on Point Clouds

maudzung/Complex-YOLOv4-Pytorch 16 Mar 2018

We introduce Complex-YOLO, a state of the art real-time 3D object detection network on point clouds only.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +2

One Thousand and One Hours: Self-driving Motion Prediction Dataset

lyft/l5kit 25 Jun 2020

Motivated by the impact of large-scale datasets on ML systems we present the largest self-driving dataset for motion prediction to date, containing over 1, 000 hours of data.

Autonomous Vehicles Motion Forecasting +2

FASTER: Fast and Safe Trajectory Planner for Flights in Unknown Environments

mit-acl/faster 9 Jan 2020

The standard approach to ensure safety is to enforce a "stop" condition in the free-known space.

Motion Planning Trajectory Planning

Motion Planning Among Dynamic, Decision-Making Agents with Deep Reinforcement Learning

mfe7/cadrl_ros 4 May 2018

This work extends our previous approach to develop an algorithm that learns collision avoidance among a variety of types of dynamic agents without assuming they follow any particular behavior rules.

Decision Making Motion Planning

miniSAM: A Flexible Factor Graph Non-linear Least Squares Optimization Framework

dongjing3309/minisam 3 Sep 2019

Many problems in computer vision and robotics can be phrased as non-linear least squares optimization problems represented by factor graphs, for example, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), structure from motion (SfM), motion planning, and control.

Motion Planning Simultaneous Localization and Mapping +1

3D BAT: A Semi-Automatic, Web-based 3D Annotation Toolbox for Full-Surround, Multi-Modal Data Streams

walzimmer/3d-bat 1 May 2019

In this paper, we focus on obtaining 2D and 3D labels, as well as track IDs for objects on the road with the help of a novel 3D Bounding Box Annotation Toolbox (3D BAT).

Motion Planning motion prediction

Motion Planning Networks: Bridging the Gap Between Learning-based and Classical Motion Planners

ahq1993/MPNet 13 Jul 2019

We validate MPNet against gold-standard and state-of-the-art planning methods in a variety of problems from 2D to 7D robot configuration spaces in challenging and cluttered environments, with results showing significant and consistently stronger performance metrics, and motivating neural planning in general as a modern strategy for solving motion planning problems efficiently.

Continual Learning Motion Planning

Deeply Informed Neural Sampling for Robot Motion Planning

ahq1993/MPNet 26 Sep 2018

In this paper, we present a neural network-based adaptive sampler for motion planning called Deep Sampling-based Motion Planner (DeepSMP).

Motion Planning