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C-3PO: Cyclic-Three-Phase Optimization for Human-Robot Motion Retargeting based on Reinforcement Learning

gd-goblin/NTU_DB_Data_Loader 25 Sep 2019

The motion retargeting learning is performed using refined data in a latent space by the cyclic and filtering paths of our method.

Learning Character-Agnostic Motion for Motion Retargeting in 2D

ChrisWu1997/2D-Motion-Retargeting 5 May 2019

In order to achieve our goal, we learn to extract, directly from a video, a high-level latent motion representation, which is invariant to the skeleton geometry and the camera view.

Task-Oriented Hand Motion Retargeting for Dexterous Manipulation Imitation

DaphneAntotsiou/task-oriented-hand-retargeting 3 Oct 2018

In this work, we capture the hand information by using a state-of-the-art hand pose estimator.

Skeleton-Aware Networks for Deep Motion Retargeting

DeepMotionEditing/deep-motion-editing 12 May 2020

In other words, our operators form the building blocks of a new deep motion processing framework that embeds the motion into a common latent space, shared by a collection of homeomorphic skeletons.

JOKR: Joint Keypoint Representation for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Motion Retargeting

rmokady/JOKR 17 Jun 2021

To alleviate this problem, we introduce JOKR - a JOint Keypoint Representation that captures the motion common to both the source and target videos, without requiring any object prior or data collection.

AgileGAN: stylizing portraits by inversion-consistent transfer learning

guoxiansong/agilegan ACM Transactions on Graphics 2021

While substantial progress has been made in automated stylization, generating high quality stylistic portraits is still a challenge, and even the recent popular Toonify suffers from several artifacts when used on real input images.

DexMV: Imitation Learning for Dexterous Manipulation from Human Videos

yzqin/dexmv-sim 12 Aug 2021

While significant progress has been made on understanding hand-object interactions in computer vision, it is still very challenging for robots to perform complex dexterous manipulation.

Learning Continuous Grasping Function with a Dexterous Hand from Human Demonstrations

jianglongye/cgf 11 Jul 2022

We will first convert the large-scale human-object interaction trajectories to robot demonstrations via motion retargeting, and then use these demonstrations to train CGF.

ViA: View-invariant Skeleton Action Representation Learning via Motion Retargeting

YangDi666/UNIK 31 Aug 2022

Current self-supervised approaches for skeleton action representation learning often focus on constrained scenarios, where videos and skeleton data are recorded in laboratory settings.

Cross-identity Video Motion Retargeting with Joint Transformation and Synthesis

nihaomiao/wacv23_tsnet 2 Oct 2022

The novel design of dual branches combines the strengths of deformation-grid-based transformation and warp-free generation for better identity preservation and robustness to occlusion in the synthesized videos.