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JOKR: Joint Keypoint Representation for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Motion Retargeting

17 Jun 2021

To alleviate this problem, we introduce JOKR - a JOint Keypoint Representation that captures the motion common to both the source and target videos, without requiring any object prior or data collection.

Affine Transformation motion retargeting

Flow Guided Transformable Bottleneck Networks for Motion Retargeting

14 Jun 2021

Human motion retargeting aims to transfer the motion of one person in a "driving" video or set of images to another person.

Image Generation motion retargeting

Self-Supervised Motion Retargeting with Safety Guarantee

11 Mar 2021

In this paper, we present self-supervised shared latent embedding (S3LE), a data-driven motion retargeting method that enables the generation of natural motions in humanoid robots from motion capture data or RGB videos.

Motion Capture motion retargeting +1

Recovering and Simulating Pedestrians in the Wild

16 Nov 2020

We then incorporate the reconstructed pedestrian assets bank in a realistic LiDAR simulation system by performing motion retargeting, and show that the simulated LiDAR data can be used to significantly reduce the amount of annotated real-world data required for visual perception tasks.

Data Augmentation motion retargeting

Personalized Face Modeling for Improved Face Reconstruction and Motion Retargeting

ECCV 2020

Traditional methods for image-based 3D face reconstruction and facial motion retargeting fit a 3D morphable model (3DMM) to the face, which has limited modeling capacity and fail to generalize well to in-the-wild data.

3D Face Reconstruction Face Model +1

TransMoMo: Invariance-Driven Unsupervised Video Motion Retargeting

CVPR 2020

We present a lightweight video motion retargeting approach TransMoMo that is capable of transferring motion of a person in a source video realistically to another video of a target person.

motion retargeting

Joint Face Detection and Facial Motion Retargeting for Multiple Faces

CVPR 2019

Facial motion retargeting is an important problem in both computer graphics and vision, which involves capturing the performance of a human face and transferring it to another 3D character.

3D Face Reconstruction Face Alignment +3

Task-Oriented Hand Motion Retargeting for Dexterous Manipulation Imitation

3 Oct 2018

In this work, we capture the hand information by using a state-of-the-art hand pose estimator.

Imitation Learning motion retargeting