Motion Style Transfer

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Unpaired Motion Style Transfer from Video to Animation

DeepMotionEditing/deep-motion-editing 12 May 2020

In this paper, we present a novel data-driven framework for motion style transfer, which learns from an unpaired collection of motions with style labels, and enables transferring motion styles not observed during training.

Motion Puzzle: Arbitrary Motion Style Transfer by Body Part

DK-Jang/motion_puzzle 10 Feb 2022

The Motion Puzzle is the first that can control the motion style of individual body parts, allowing for local style editing and significantly increasing the range of stylized motions.

Motion Style Transfer: Modular Low-Rank Adaptation for Deep Motion Forecasting

vita-epfl/motion-style-transfer 6 Nov 2022

To this end, we introduce two components that exploit our prior knowledge of motion style shifts: (i) a low-rank motion style adapter that projects and adjusts the style features at a low-dimensional bottleneck; and (ii) a modular adapter strategy that disentangles the features of scene context and motion history to facilitate a fine-grained choice of adaptation layers.

Motion Capture Dataset for Practical Use of AI-based Motion Editing and Stylization

bandainamcoresearchinc/bandai-namco-research-motiondataset 15 Jun 2023

In this work, we proposed a new style-diverse dataset for the domain of motion style transfer.

MoST: Motion Style Transformer between Diverse Action Contents

boeun-kim/most 10 Mar 2024

While existing motion style transfer methods are effective between two motions with identical content, their performance significantly diminishes when transferring style between motions with different contents.