Motion Synthesis

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Most implemented papers

On human motion prediction using recurrent neural networks

una-dinosauria/human-motion-prediction CVPR 2017

Human motion modelling is a classical problem at the intersection of graphics and computer vision, with applications spanning human-computer interaction, motion synthesis, and motion prediction for virtual and augmented reality.

DeepMimic: Example-Guided Deep Reinforcement Learning of Physics-Based Character Skills

xbpeng/DeepMimic 8 Apr 2018

We further explore a number of methods for integrating multiple clips into the learning process to develop multi-skilled agents capable of performing a rich repertoire of diverse skills.

HP-GAN: Probabilistic 3D human motion prediction via GAN

ebarsoum/hpgan 27 Nov 2017

Our model, which we call HP-GAN, learns a probability density function of future human poses conditioned on previous poses.

MoGlow: Probabilistic and controllable motion synthesis using normalising flows

chaiyujin/glow-pytorch 16 May 2019

Data-driven modelling and synthesis of motion is an active research area with applications that include animation, games, and social robotics.

Multi-View Motion Synthesis via Applying Rotated Dual-Pixel Blur Kernels

Abdullah-Abuolaim/defocus-deblurring-dual-pixel 15 Nov 2021

In this work, we follow the trend of rendering the NIMAT effect by introducing a modification on the blur synthesis procedure in portrait mode.

Dancing to Music

NVlabs/Dance2Music NeurIPS 2019

In the analysis phase, we decompose a dance into a series of basic dance units, through which the model learns how to move.

Action-Conditioned 3D Human Motion Synthesis with Transformer VAE

Mathux/ACTOR ICCV 2021

By sampling from this latent space and querying a certain duration through a series of positional encodings, we synthesize variable-length motion sequences conditioned on a categorical action.

MeshTalk: 3D Face Animation from Speech using Cross-Modality Disentanglement

facebookresearch/meshtalk ICCV 2021

To improve upon existing models, we propose a generic audio-driven facial animation approach that achieves highly realistic motion synthesis results for the entire face.

MotionDiffuse: Text-Driven Human Motion Generation with Diffusion Model

mingyuan-zhang/MotionDiffuse 31 Aug 2022

Instead of a deterministic language-motion mapping, MotionDiffuse generates motions through a series of denoising steps in which variations are injected.

Human Motion Diffusion as a Generative Prior

priormdm/priormdm 2 Mar 2023

We evaluate the composition methods using an off-the-shelf motion diffusion model, and further compare the results to dedicated models trained for these specific tasks.