Multi Class Text Classification

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Most implemented papers

A Hybrid Classification Approach using Topic Modeling and Graph Convolution Networks

abdullahkhilji/Text-classification-using-LDA-and-GCN 19 Sep 2020

Text classification has become a key operation in various natural language processing tasks.

Explicit Interaction Model towards Text Classification

NonvolatileMemory/AAAI_2019_EXAM 23 Nov 2018

To address this problem, we introduce the interaction mechanism to incorporate word-level matching signals into the text classification task.

A Machine Learning Approach to Classifying Construction Cost Documents into the International Construction Measurement Standard

ignaciodeza/boq-classifier-icms 24 Oct 2022

We introduce the first automated models for classifying natural language descriptions provided in cost documents called "Bills of Quantities" (BoQs) popular in the infrastructure construction industry, into the International Construction Measurement Standard (ICMS).

Artificial Interrogation for Attributing Language Models

farhandhanani/mlmac 20 Nov 2022

And then perform one-to-many pairing between them based on similarities in their generated responses, where more than one fine-tuned model can pair with a base model but not vice-versa.