Multi-Label Text Classification

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According to Wikipedia "In machine learning, multi-label classification and the strongly related problem of multi-output classification are variants of the classification problem where multiple labels may be assigned to each instance. Multi-label classification is a generalization of multiclass classification, which is the single-label problem of categorizing instances into precisely one of more than two classes; in the multi-label problem there is no constraint on how many of the classes the instance can be assigned to."


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Towards Scalable and Reliable Capsule Networks for Challenging NLP Applications

andyweizhao/capsule_text_classification ACL 2019

Obstacles hindering the development of capsule networks for challenging NLP applications include poor scalability to large output spaces and less reliable routing processes.

Investigating Capsule Networks with Dynamic Routing for Text Classification

andyweizhao/capsule_text_classification EMNLP 2018

In this study, we explore capsule networks with dynamic routing for text classification.

ML-Net: multi-label classification of biomedical texts with deep neural networks

jingcheng-du/ML_Net-1 13 Nov 2018

Due to this nature, the multi-label text classification task is often considered to be more challenging compared to the binary or multi-class text classification problems.

AttentionXML: Label Tree-based Attention-Aware Deep Model for High-Performance Extreme Multi-Label Text Classification

yourh/AttentionXML NeurIPS 2019

We propose a new label tree-based deep learning model for XMTC, called AttentionXML, with two unique features: 1) a multi-label attention mechanism with raw text as input, which allows to capture the most relevant part of text to each label; and 2) a shallow and wide probabilistic label tree (PLT), which allows to handle millions of labels, especially for "tail labels".

MIMIC-III, a freely accessible critical care database

mit-lcp/mimic-iii-paper Nature 2016

MIMIC-III (‘Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care’) is a large, single-center database comprising information relating to patients admitted to critical care units at a large tertiary care hospital.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures for Prediction of DNA/RNA Sequence Binding Specificities

MedChaabane/deepRAM 29 Jan 2019

For this purpose, we present deepRAM, an end-to-end deep learning tool that provides an implementation of novel and previously proposed architectures; its fully automatic model selection procedure allows us to perform a fair and unbiased comparison of deep learning architectures.

Pretrained Generalized Autoregressive Model with Adaptive Probabilistic Label Clusters for Extreme Multi-label Text Classification

huiyegit/APLC_XLNet 5 Jul 2020

Extreme multi-label text classification (XMTC) is a task for tagging a given text with the most relevant labels from an extremely large label set.

Balancing Methods for Multi-label Text Classification with Long-Tailed Class Distribution

Roche/BalancedLossNLP EMNLP 2021

Here, we introduce the application of balancing loss functions for multi-label text classification.

Regularizing Model Complexity and Label Structure for Multi-Label Text Classification

cheng-li/pyramid 1 May 2017

Multi-label text classifiers need to be carefully regularized to prevent the severe over-fitting in the high dimensional space, and also need to take into account label dependencies in order to make accurate predictions under uncertainty.

An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning for ICD-9 Code Assignment using MIMIC-III Clinical Notes

lsy3/clinical-notes-diagnosis-dl-nlp 7 Feb 2018

Conclusion: A set of standard metrics was utilized in assessing the performance of ICD-9 code assignment on MIMIC-III dataset.