Multi-task Audio Source Seperation

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Most implemented papers

Conv-TasNet: Surpassing Ideal Time-Frequency Magnitude Masking for Speech Separation

naplab/Conv-TasNet 20 Sep 2018

The majority of the previous methods have formulated the separation problem through the time-frequency representation of the mixed signal, which has several drawbacks, including the decoupling of the phase and magnitude of the signal, the suboptimality of time-frequency representation for speech separation, and the long latency in calculating the spectrograms.

Music Source Separation in the Waveform Domain

facebookresearch/demucs 27 Nov 2019

Source separation for music is the task of isolating contributions, or stems, from different instruments recorded individually and arranged together to form a song.

Multi-Task Audio Source Separation

Windstudent/Complex-MTASSNet 14 Jul 2021

In detail, the proposed model follows a two-stage pipeline, which separates the three types of audio signals and then performs signal compensation separately.