Multimodal Text and Image Classification

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Classification with both source Image and Text

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Are These Birds Similar: Learning Branched Networks for Fine-grained Representations

nicolalandro/ntsnet-cub200 16 Jan 2020

In recent years, natural language descriptions are used to obtain information on discriminative parts of the object.

Analysis of Social Media Data using Multimodal Deep Learning for Disaster Response

firojalam/multimodal_social_media 14 Apr 2020

Multimedia content in social media platforms provides significant information during disaster events.

Harmonic-NAS: Hardware-Aware Multimodal Neural Architecture Search on Resource-constrained Devices

mohamed-imed-eddine/harmonic-nas 12 Sep 2023

In this paper, we propose Harmonic-NAS, a framework for the joint optimization of unimodal backbones and multimodal fusion networks with hardware awareness on resource-constrained devices.