Music Emotion Recognition

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Most implemented papers

Tracing Back Music Emotion Predictions to Sound Sources and Intuitive Perceptual Qualities

CPJKU/audioLIME 14 Jun 2021

In previous work, we have shown how to derive explanations of model predictions in terms of spectrogram image segments that connect to the high-level emotion prediction via a layer of easily interpretable perceptual features.

Music Mood Detection Based On Audio And Lyrics With Deep Neural Net

Dohppak/Music-Emotion-Recognition-Classification 19 Sep 2018

We consider the task of multimodal music mood prediction based on the audio signal and the lyrics of a track.

Transformer-based approach towards music emotion recognition from lyrics

yudhik11/MER-lyrics-Transformer 6 Jan 2021

The task of identifying emotions from a given music track has been an active pursuit in the Music Information Retrieval (MIR) community for years.

Semi-supervised music emotion recognition using noisy student training and harmonic pitch class profiles

gudgud96/noisy-student-emotion-training 1 Dec 2021

As the noisy student method requires a strong teacher model, we further delve into the factors including (i) input training length and (ii) complementary music representations to further boost the performance of the teacher model.

Multi-Modality in Music: Predicting Emotion in Music from High-Level Audio Features and Lyrics

tibor-krols/cogsci2-spotify 26 Feb 2023

This paper aims to test whether a multi-modal approach for music emotion recognition (MER) performs better than a uni-modal one on high-level song features and lyrics.