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Beta Embeddings for Multi-Hop Logical Reasoning in Knowledge Graphs

snap-stanford/KGReasoning NeurIPS 2020

Logical operations are performed in the embedding space by neural operators over the probabilistic embeddings.

Logic Embeddings for Complex Query Answering

francoisluus/KGReasoning 28 Feb 2021

Answering logical queries over incomplete knowledge bases is challenging because: 1) it calls for implicit link prediction, and 2) brute force answering of existential first-order logic queries is exponential in the number of existential variables.

QA-GNN: Reasoning with Language Models and Knowledge Graphs for Question Answering

michiyasunaga/qagnn NAACL 2021

The problem of answering questions using knowledge from pre-trained language models (LMs) and knowledge graphs (KGs) presents two challenges: given a QA context (question and answer choice), methods need to (i) identify relevant knowledge from large KGs, and (ii) perform joint reasoning over the QA context and KG.

Fast and accurate sentiment classification using an enhanced Naive Bayes model

vivekn/sentiment 27 May 2013

We have explored different methods of improving the accuracy of a Naive Bayes classifier for sentiment analysis.

Analogs of Linguistic Structure in Deep Representations

jacobandreas/rnn-syn EMNLP 2017

We investigate the compositional structure of message vectors computed by a deep network trained on a communication game.

Editing Models with Task Arithmetic

mlfoundations/task_vectors 8 Dec 2022

Changing how pre-trained models behave -- e. g., improving their performance on a downstream task or mitigating biases learned during pre-training -- is a common practice when developing machine learning systems.

This is not correct! Negation-aware Evaluation of Language Generation Systems

dmlls/cannot-dataset 26 Jul 2023

Based on this dataset, we fine-tuned a sentence transformer and an evaluation metric to improve their negation sensitivity.

MazeBase: A Sandbox for Learning from Games

facebook/MazeBase 23 Nov 2015

This paper introduces MazeBase: an environment for simple 2D games, designed as a sandbox for machine learning approaches to reasoning and planning.

Evaluating Scoped Meaning Representations

RikVN/DRS_parsing LREC 2018

A pilot study is performed to automatically find changes in meaning by comparing meaning representations of translations.

What BERT is not: Lessons from a new suite of psycholinguistic diagnostics for language models

aetting/lm-diagnostics TACL 2020

Pre-training by language modeling has become a popular and successful approach to NLP tasks, but we have yet to understand exactly what linguistic capacities these pre-training processes confer upon models.