Negation Detection

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Negation detection is the task of identifying negation cues in text.


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Most implemented papers

An open-source tool for negation detection: a maximum-margin approach

marenger/negtool WS 2017

This paper presents an open-source toolkit for negation detection.

HPI-DHC at TREC 2018 Precision Medicine Track

hpi-dhc/trec-pm Notebook papers of the TREC conference 2018

The TREC-PM challenge aims for advances in the field of information retrieval applied to precision medicine.

NegBERT: A Transfer Learning Approach for Negation Detection and Scope Resolution

adityak6798/Transformers-For-Negation-and-Speculation LREC 2020

Our model, referred to as NegBERT, achieves a token level F1 score on scope resolution of 92. 36 on the Sherlock dataset, 95. 68 on the BioScope Abstracts subcorpus, 91. 24 on the BioScope Full Papers subcorpus, 90. 95 on the SFU Review Corpus, outperforming the previous state-of-the-art systems by a significant margin.

Resolving the Scope of Speculation and Negation using Transformer-Based Architectures

adityak6798/Transformers-For-Negation-and-Speculation 9 Jan 2020

Speculation is a naturally occurring phenomena in textual data, forming an integral component of many systems, especially in the biomedical information retrieval domain.

Clinical Text Summarization with Syntax-Based Negation and Semantic Concept Identification

ckbjimmy/clneg 29 Feb 2020

In the era of clinical information explosion, a good strategy for clinical text summarization is helpful to improve the clinical workflow.

Multitask Learning of Negation and Speculation using Transformers

adityak6798/Transformers-For-Negation-and-Speculation 20 Nov 2020

Detecting negation and speculation in language has been a task of considerable interest to the biomedical community, as it is a key component of Information Extraction systems from Biomedical documents.

NADE: A Benchmark for Robust Adverse Drug Events Extraction in Face of Negations

ailabudinegit/nade-dataset WNUT (ACL) 2021

Adverse Drug Event (ADE) extraction models can rapidly examine large collections of social media texts, detecting mentions of drug-related adverse reactions and trigger medical investigations.

Radiology Text Analysis System (RadText): Architecture and Evaluation

bionlplab/radtext 19 Mar 2022

Analyzing radiology reports is a time-consuming and error-prone task, which raises the need for an efficient automated radiology report analysis system to alleviate the workloads of radiologists and encourage precise diagnosis.