Neural Rendering

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Given a representation of a 3D scene of some kind (point cloud, mesh, voxels, etc.), the task is to create an algorithm that can produce photorealistic renderings of this scene from an arbitrary viewpoint. Sometimes, the task is accompanied by image/scene appearance manipulation.


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NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis

bmild/nerf ECCV 2020

Our algorithm represents a scene using a fully-connected (non-convolutional) deep network, whose input is a single continuous 5D coordinate (spatial location $(x, y, z)$ and viewing direction $(\theta, \phi)$) and whose output is the volume density and view-dependent emitted radiance at that spatial location.

Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding

nvlabs/instant-ngp 16 Jan 2022

Neural graphics primitives, parameterized by fully connected neural networks, can be costly to train and evaluate.

PlenOctrees for Real-time Rendering of Neural Radiance Fields

sxyu/plenoctree ICCV 2021

We introduce a method to render Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) in real time using PlenOctrees, an octree-based 3D representation which supports view-dependent effects.

Zero-Shot Text-Guided Object Generation with Dream Fields

google-research/google-research CVPR 2022

Our method, Dream Fields, can generate the geometry and color of a wide range of objects without 3D supervision.

Collaborative Neural Rendering using Anime Character Sheets

transpchan/Live3D 12 Jul 2022

Drawing images of characters with desired poses is an essential but laborious task in anime production.

Deferred Neural Rendering: Image Synthesis using Neural Textures

SSRSGJYD/NeuralTexture 28 Apr 2019

Similar to traditional textures, neural textures are stored as maps on top of 3D mesh proxies; however, the high-dimensional feature maps contain significantly more information, which can be interpreted by our new deferred neural rendering pipeline.

pi-GAN: Periodic Implicit Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D-Aware Image Synthesis

marcoamonteiro/pi-GAN CVPR 2021

We have witnessed rapid progress on 3D-aware image synthesis, leveraging recent advances in generative visual models and neural rendering.

Spatial Broadcast Decoder: A Simple Architecture for Learning Disentangled Representations in VAEs

deepmind/spriteworld 21 Jan 2019

We present a simple neural rendering architecture that helps variational autoencoders (VAEs) learn disentangled representations.

A Neural Rendering Framework for Free-Viewpoint Relighting

LansburyCH/relightable-nr CVPR 2020

We present a novel Relightable Neural Renderer (RNR) for simultaneous view synthesis and relighting using multi-view image inputs.

CONFIG: Controllable Neural Face Image Generation

microsoft/ConfigNet ECCV 2020

Our ability to sample realistic natural images, particularly faces, has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, yet our ability to exert fine-tuned control over the generative process has lagged behind.