News Generation

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Generation of larger segments of text with consistent topic and evolving story.

Latest papers with code

AraGPT2: Pre-Trained Transformer for Arabic Language Generation

aub-mind/araBERT 31 Dec 2020

In this paper, we develop the first advanced Arabic language generation model, AraGPT2, trained from scratch on a large Arabic corpus of internet text and news articles.

Language Modelling News Generation +1

31 Dec 2020

Fact-Enhanced Synthetic News Generation

bigheiniu/FactGen 8 Dec 2020

The existing text generation methods either afford limited supplementary information or lose consistency between the input and output which makes the synthetic news less trustworthy.

News Generation Text Summarization

08 Dec 2020

Template-free Data-to-Text Generation of Finnish Sports News

scoopmatic/finnish-hockey-news-generation-paper 4 Oct 2019

News articles such as sports game reports are often thought to closely follow the underlying game statistics, but in practice they contain a notable amount of background knowledge, interpretation, insight into the game, and quotes that are not present in the official statistics.

Data-to-Text Generation News Generation

04 Oct 2019

The Myths of Our Time: Fake News

previtus/fake_news_generation_mark_I 5 Aug 2019

While the purpose of most fake news is misinformation and political propaganda, our team sees it as a new type of myth that is created by people in the age of internet identities and artificial intelligence.

Misinformation News Generation

05 Aug 2019