Noise Estimation

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Pyramid Real Image Denoising Network

491506870/PRIDNet 1 Aug 2019

Second, at the multi-scale denoising stage, pyramid pooling is utilized to extract multi-scale features.

Toward Convolutional Blind Denoising of Real Photographs

GuoShi28/CBDNet CVPR 2019

While deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have achieved impressive success in image denoising with additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), their performance remains limited on real-world noisy photographs.

Making Deep Neural Networks Robust to Label Noise: a Loss Correction Approach

giorgiop/loss-correction CVPR 2017

We present a theoretically grounded approach to train deep neural networks, including recurrent networks, subject to class-dependent label noise.

Learning with Confident Examples: Rank Pruning for Robust Classification with Noisy Labels

cgnorthcutt/rankpruning 4 May 2017

To highlight, RP with a CNN classifier can predict if an MNIST digit is a "one"or "not" with only 0. 25% error, and 0. 46 error across all digits, even when 50% of positive examples are mislabeled and 50% of observed positive labels are mislabeled negative examples.

Automatic, fast and robust characterization of noise distributions for diffusion MRI

samuelstjean/nlsam 30 May 2018

Knowledge of the noise distribution in magnitude diffusion MRI images is the centerpiece to quantify uncertainties arising from the acquisition process.

Variational Denoising Network: Toward Blind Noise Modeling and Removal

zsyOAOA/VDNet NeurIPS 2019

On one hand, as other data-driven deep learning methods, our method, namely variational denoising network (VDN), can perform denoising efficiently due to its explicit form of posterior expression.

RENOIR - A Dataset for Real Low-Light Image Noise Reduction

Aftaab99/DenoisingAutoencoder 29 Sep 2014

Image denoising algorithms are evaluated using images corrupted by artificial noise, which may lead to incorrect conclusions about their performances on real noise.

A Convolutional Neural Network Smartphone App for Real-Time Voice Activity Detection

SIP-Lab/CNN-VAD IEEE Access 2018

This paper presents a smartphone app that performs real-time voice activity detection based on convolutional neural network.

Feature-Dependent Confusion Matrices for Low-Resource NER Labeling with Noisy Labels

uds-lsv/noise-matrix-ner IJCNLP 2019

In low-resource settings, the performance of supervised labeling models can be improved with automatically annotated or distantly supervised data, which is cheap to create but often noisy.

Noise Estimation Using Density Estimation for Self-Supervised Multimodal Learning

elad-amrani/ssml 6 Mar 2020

One of the key factors of enabling machine learning models to comprehend and solve real-world tasks is to leverage multimodal data.