Noisy Speech Recognition

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Most implemented papers

Deep Speech 2: End-to-End Speech Recognition in English and Mandarin

PaddlePaddle/PaddleSpeech 8 Dec 2015

We show that an end-to-end deep learning approach can be used to recognize either English or Mandarin Chinese speech--two vastly different languages.

The PyTorch-Kaldi Speech Recognition Toolkit

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 19 Nov 2018

Experiments, that are conducted on several datasets and tasks, show that PyTorch-Kaldi can effectively be used to develop modern state-of-the-art speech recognizers.

Visual Context-driven Audio Feature Enhancement for Robust End-to-End Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

ms-dot-k/AVSR 13 Jul 2022

The enhanced audio features are fused with the visual features and taken to an encoder-decoder model composed of Conformer and Transformer for speech recognition.