Object Counting

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The goal of Object Counting task is to count the number of object instances in a single image or video sequence. It has many real-world applications such as traffic flow monitoring, crowdedness estimation, and product counting.

Source: Learning to Count Objects with Few Exemplar Annotations


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You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection

AlexeyAB/darknet CVPR 2016

A single neural network predicts bounding boxes and class probabilities directly from full images in one evaluation.

Where are the Blobs: Counting by Localization with Point Supervision

ElementAI/LCFCN ECCV 2018

However, we propose a detection-based method that does not need to estimate the size and shape of the objects and that outperforms regression-based methods.

From Open Set to Closed Set: Supervised Spatial Divide-and-Conquer for Object Counting

xhp-hust-2018-2011/S-DCNet 7 Jan 2020

Visual counting, a task that aims to estimate the number of objects from an image/video, is an open-set problem by nature, i. e., the number of population can vary in [0, inf) in theory.

CNN-based Density Estimation and Crowd Counting: A Survey

gjy3035/Awesome-Crowd-Counting 28 Mar 2020

Through our analysis, we expect to make reasonable inference and prediction for the future development of crowd counting, and meanwhile, it can also provide feasible solutions for the problem of object counting in other fields.

Synbols: Probing Learning Algorithms with Synthetic Datasets

ElementAI/baal NeurIPS 2020

Progress in the field of machine learning has been fueled by the introduction of benchmark datasets pushing the limits of existing algorithms.

Real Time Pear Fruit Detection and Counting Using YOLOv4 Models and Deep SORT

AlexeyAB/darknet Sensors 2021

In terms of accuracy, YOLOv4-CSP was observed as the optimal model, with an AP@0. 50 of 98%.

Improving Object Counting with Heatmap Regulation

littleaich/heatmap-regulation 14 Mar 2018

Adding HR to a simple VGG front-end improves performance on all these benchmarks compared to a simple one-look baseline model and results in state-of-the-art performance for car counting.

Object Counting and Instance Segmentation with Image-level Supervision

GuoleiSun/CountSeg CVPR 2019

Moreover, our approach improves state-of-the-art image-level supervised instance segmentation with a relative gain of 17. 8% in terms of average best overlap, on the PASCAL VOC 2012 dataset.

Drone-based RGB-Infrared Cross-Modality Vehicle Detection via Uncertainty-Aware Learning

SunYM2020/UA-CMDet 5 Mar 2020

To address this dilemma, we further propose an uncertainty-aware cross-modality vehicle detection (UA-CMDet) framework to extract complementary information from cross-modal images, which can significantly improve the detection performance in low light conditions.

Encoder-Decoder Based Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-Scale-Aware Modules for Crowd Counting

Pongpisit-Thanasutives/Variations-of-SFANet-for-Crowd-Counting 12 Mar 2020

Inspired by SFANet, the first model, which is named M-SFANet, is attached with atrous spatial pyramid pooling (ASPP) and context-aware module (CAN).