Object Detection

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Object detection is the task of detecting instances of objects of a certain class within an image. The state-of-the-art methods can be categorized into two main types: one-stage methods and two stage-methods. One-stage methods prioritize inference speed, and example models include YOLO, SSD and RetinaNet. Two-stage methods prioritize detection accuracy, and example models include Faster R-CNN, Mask R-CNN and Cascade R-CNN.

The most popular benchmark is the MSCOCO dataset. Models are typically evaluated according to a Mean Average Precision metric.

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Latest papers with code

Object Shape Error Response Using Bayesian 3-D Convolutional Neural Networks for Assembly Systems With Compliant Parts

sumitsinha/Deep_Learning_for_Manufacturing 8 Dec 2021

The paper proposes a novel Object Shape Error Response (OSER) approach to estimate the dimensional and geometric variation of assembled products and then, relate, these to process parameters, which can be interpreted as root causes (RC) of the object shape defects.

3D Shape Modeling Object Detection

08 Dec 2021

Revitalizing CNN Attention via Transformers in Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning

chongjiange/care NeurIPS 2021

Motivated by the transformers that explore visual attention effectively in recognition scenarios, we propose a CNN Attention REvitalization (CARE) framework to train attentive CNN encoders guided by transformers in SSL.

Image Classification Object Detection +2

01 Dec 2021

Container: Context Aggregation Networks

allenai/container NeurIPS 2021

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are ubiquitous in computer vision, with a myriad of effective and efficient variations.

Instance Segmentation Object Detection +2

01 Dec 2021

Pooling by Sliced-Wasserstein Embedding

navid-naderi/pswe NeurIPS 2021

Learning representations from sets has become increasingly important with many applications in point cloud processing, graph learning, image/video recognition, and object detection.

Graph Learning Image Classification +3

01 Dec 2021

Generalized and Discriminative Few-Shot Object Detection via SVD-Dictionary Enhancement

amingwu/svd-dictionary-enhancement NeurIPS 2021

To alleviate the impact of few samples, enhancing the generalization and discrimination abilities of detectors on new objects plays an important role.

Dictionary Learning Few-Shot Object Detection

01 Dec 2021

Set Prediction in the Latent Space

phizaz/latent-set-prediction NeurIPS 2021

Set prediction tasks require the matching between predicted set and ground truth set in order to propagate the gradient signal.

Image Captioning Object Detection

01 Dec 2021

Searching the Search Space of Vision Transformer

microsoft/cream NeurIPS 2021

Vision Transformer has shown great visual representation power in substantial vision tasks such as recognition and detection, and thus been attracting fast-growing efforts on manually designing more effective architectures.

Neural Architecture Search Object Detection +3

29 Nov 2021

Sparse DETR: Efficient End-to-End Object Detection with Learnable Sparsity

kakaobrain/sparse-detr 29 Nov 2021

Deformable DETR uses the multiscale feature to ameliorate performance, however, the number of encoder tokens increases by 20x compared to DETR, and the computation cost of the encoder attention remains a bottleneck.

Object Detection

29 Nov 2021

Detecting and Tracking Small and Dense Moving Objects in Satellite Videos: A Benchmark

qingyonghu/viso 25 Nov 2021

Satellite video cameras can provide continuous observation for a large-scale area, which is important for many remote sensing applications.

Matrix Completion Moving Object Detection +1

25 Nov 2021

CDNet is all you need: Cascade DCN based underwater object detection RCNN

Boese0601/2021-National-Underwater-Robotics-Vision-Optics 25 Nov 2021

Object detection is a very important basic research direction in the field of computer vision and a basic method for other advanced tasks in the field of computer vision.

Object Detection Object Tracking

25 Nov 2021