Object Proposal Generation

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Object proposal generation is a preprocessing technique that has been widely used in current object detection pipelines to guide the search of objects and avoid exhaustive sliding window search across images.

( Image credit: Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping for Image Segmentation and Object Proposal Generation )

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Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping for Image Segmentation and Object Proposal Generation

jponttuset/mcg 3 Mar 2015

We propose a unified approach for bottom-up hierarchical image segmentation and object proposal generation for recognition, called Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping (MCG).

BSDS500 Object Proposal Generation +1

CASENet: Deep Category-Aware Semantic Edge Detection

Lavender105/DFF CVPR 2017

To this end, we propose a novel end-to-end deep semantic edge learning architecture based on ResNet and a new skip-layer architecture where category-wise edge activations at the top convolution layer share and are fused with the same set of bottom layer features.

Edge Detection Object Proposal Generation +1

Recurrent Pixel Embedding for Instance Grouping

aimerykong/Recurrent-Pixel-Embedding-for-Instance-Grouping CVPR 2018

We introduce a differentiable, end-to-end trainable framework for solving pixel-level grouping problems such as instance segmentation consisting of two novel components.

Boundary Detection Instance Segmentation +2

AttentionMask: Attentive, Efficient Object Proposal Generation Focusing on Small Objects

chwilms/AttentionMask 21 Nov 2018

We propose a novel approach for class-agnostic object proposal generation, which is efficient and especially well-suited to detect small objects.

Object Proposal Generation

3D Object Detection with Pointformer

Vladimir2506/Pointformer CVPR 2021

In this paper, we propose Pointformer, a Transformer backbone designed for 3D point clouds to learn features effectively.

3D Object Detection Object Proposal Generation

Semantic Instance Segmentation via Deep Metric Learning

alicranck/instance-seg 30 Mar 2017

We propose a new method for semantic instance segmentation, by first computing how likely two pixels are to belong to the same object, and then by grouping similar pixels together.

Instance Segmentation Metric Learning +2

Superpixel-based Refinement for Object Proposal Generation

chwilms/superpixelRefinement 12 Jan 2021

Precise segmentation of objects is an important problem in tasks like class-agnostic object proposal generation or instance segmentation.

Instance Segmentation Object Proposal Generation +1

Seq-NMS for Video Object Detection

tmoopenn/seq-nms 26 Feb 2016

Video object detection is challenging because objects that are easily detected in one frame may be difficult to detect in another frame within the same clip.

General Classification Object Classification +3