Occlusion Estimation

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Iterative Residual Refinement for Joint Optical Flow and Occlusion Estimation

visinf/irr CVPR 2019

While leading to more accurate results, the downside of this is an increased number of parameters.

SENSE: a Shared Encoder Network for Scene-flow Estimation

NVlabs/SENSE ICCV 2019

We introduce a compact network for holistic scene flow estimation, called SENSE, which shares common encoder features among four closely-related tasks: optical flow estimation, disparity estimation from stereo, occlusion estimation, and semantic segmentation.

Pixel-Pair Occlusion Relationship Map(P2ORM): Formulation, Inference & Application

tim885/P2ORM 23 Jul 2020

The former provides a way to generate large-scale accurate occlusion datasets while, based on the latter, we propose a novel method for task-independent pixel-level occlusion relationship estimation from single images.

Deep Sketch-guided Cartoon Video Inbetweening

xiaoyu258/Inbetweening 10 Aug 2020

The key idea of the proposed approach is to estimate the dense cross-domain correspondence between the sketch and cartoon video frames, and employ a blending module with occlusion estimation to synthesize the middle frame guided by the sketch.

WALT: Watch and Learn 2D Amodal Representation From Time-Lapse Imagery

dineshreddy91/WALT CVPR 2022

Labeled real data of occlusions is scarce (even in large datasets) and synthetic data leaves a domain gap, making it hard to explicitly model and learn occlusions.