One-class classifier

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Adversarially Learned One-Class Classifier for Novelty Detection

khalooei/ALOCC-CVPR2018 CVPR 2018

Our architecture is composed of two deep networks, each of which trained by competing with each other while collaborating to understand the underlying concept in the target class, and then classify the testing samples.

Learning One Class Representations for Face Presentation Attack Detection using Multi-channel Convolutional Neural Networks

Recognito-Vision/Linux-FaceRecognition-FaceLivenessDetection 22 Jul 2020

The proposed system is evaluated on the publicly available WMCA multi-channel face PAD database, which contains a wide variety of 2D and 3D attacks.

Detecting Out-of-Distribution Inputs in Deep Neural Networks Using an Early-Layer Output

vahdat-ab/oodl 23 Oct 2019

Several approaches have been proposed to detect OOD inputs, but the detection task is still an ongoing challenge.

CutPaste: Self-Supervised Learning for Anomaly Detection and Localization

Runinho/pytorch-cutpaste CVPR 2021

We aim at constructing a high performance model for defect detection that detects unknown anomalous patterns of an image without anomalous data.

Near out-of-distribution detection for low-resolution radar micro-Doppler signatures

blupblupblup/doppler-signatures-generation 12 May 2022

We emphasize the relevance of OODD and its specific supervision requirements for the detection of a multimodal, diverse targets class among other similar radar targets and clutter in real-life critical systems.

Automatic support vector data description

RezaSadeghiWSU/ASVDD Soft Computing Journal 2018

Event handlers have wide range of applications such as medical assistant systems and fire suppression systems.

Satellite Image Forgery Detection and Localization Using GAN and One-Class Classifier

Divyanshu-Singh-Chauhan/Digital-Image-Forgery-Detection 13 Feb 2018

Specifically, we consider the scenario in which pixels within a region of a satellite image are replaced to add or remove an object from the scene.

Localized Multiple Kernel Learning for Anomaly Detection: One-class Classification

Chandan-IITI/LMKAD 21 May 2018

In this paper, we present a multiple kernel learning approach for the One-class Classification (OCC) task and employ it for anomaly detection.

Generative Probabilistic Novelty Detection with Adversarial Autoencoders

podgorskiy/GPND NeurIPS 2018

We assume that training data is available to describe only the inlier distribution.

Feature Learning for Fault Detection in High-Dimensional Condition-Monitoring Signals

MichauGabriel/HELM 12 Oct 2018

The performance is first evaluated on a synthetic dataset that encompasses typical characteristics of condition monitoring data.