OpenAI Gym

112 papers with code • 9 benchmarks • 2 datasets

An open-source toolkit from OpenAI that implements several Reinforcement Learning benchmarks including: classic control, Atari, Robotics and MuJoCo tasks.

(Description by Evolutionary learning of interpretable decision trees)

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Greatest papers with code

Advantage-Weighted Regression: Simple and Scalable Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning

google/trax 1 Oct 2019

In this paper, we aim to develop a simple and scalable reinforcement learning algorithm that uses standard supervised learning methods as subroutines.

Continuous Control OpenAI Gym

Addressing Function Approximation Error in Actor-Critic Methods

hill-a/stable-baselines ICML 2018

In value-based reinforcement learning methods such as deep Q-learning, function approximation errors are known to lead to overestimated value estimates and suboptimal policies.

OpenAI Gym Q-Learning

Brax -- A Differentiable Physics Engine for Large Scale Rigid Body Simulation

google/brax 24 Jun 2021

We present Brax, an open source library for rigid body simulation with a focus on performance and parallelism on accelerators, written in JAX.

OpenAI Gym

SLM Lab: A Comprehensive Benchmark and Modular Software Framework for Reproducible Deep Reinforcement Learning

kengz/SLM-Lab 28 Dec 2019

We introduce SLM Lab, a software framework for reproducible reinforcement learning (RL) research.

Atari Games OpenAI Gym

BindsNET: A machine learning-oriented spiking neural networks library in Python

Hananel-Hazan/bindsnet 4 Jun 2018

In this paper, we describe a new Python package for the simulation of spiking neural networks, specifically geared towards machine learning and reinforcement learning.

Neural Network simulation OpenAI Gym

Decision Transformer: Reinforcement Learning via Sequence Modeling

kzl/decision-transformer NeurIPS 2021

In particular, we present Decision Transformer, an architecture that casts the problem of RL as conditional sequence modeling.

Atari Games Language Modelling +2

TorchBeast: A PyTorch Platform for Distributed RL

facebookresearch/torchbeast 8 Oct 2019

TorchBeast is a platform for reinforcement learning (RL) research in PyTorch.

OpenAI Gym

CompilerGym: Robust, Performant Compiler Optimization Environments for AI Research

facebookresearch/CompilerGym 17 Sep 2021

What is needed is an easy, reusable experimental infrastructure for real world compiler optimization tasks that can serve as a common benchmark for comparing techniques, and as a platform to accelerate progress in the field.

OpenAI Gym

Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for Partially Observable MDPs

marload/DeepRL-TensorFlow2 23 Jul 2015

Deep Reinforcement Learning has yielded proficient controllers for complex tasks.

Atari Games OpenAI Gym +1

Learning to Fly -- a Gym Environment with PyBullet Physics for Reinforcement Learning of Multi-agent Quadcopter Control

JacopoPan/gym-pybullet-drones 3 Mar 2021

Robotic simulators are crucial for academic research and education as well as the development of safety-critical applications.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning OpenAI Gym