Panoptic Scene Graph Generation

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PSG task abstracts the given image with a scene graph, where nodes are grounded by panoptic segmentation


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Neural Motifs: Scene Graph Parsing with Global Context

rowanz/neural-motifs CVPR 2018

We then introduce Stacked Motif Networks, a new architecture designed to capture higher order motifs in scene graphs that further improves over our strong baseline by an average 7. 1% relative gain.

Learning to Compose Dynamic Tree Structures for Visual Contexts

KaihuaTang/Scene-Graph-Benchmark.pytorch CVPR 2019

We propose to compose dynamic tree structures that place the objects in an image into a visual context, helping visual reasoning tasks such as scene graph generation and visual Q&A.

Scene Graph Generation by Iterative Message Passing

microsoft/scene_graph_benchmark CVPR 2017

In this work, we explicitly model the objects and their relationships using scene graphs, a visually-grounded graphical structure of an image.

Panoptic Video Scene Graph Generation

jingkang50/openpvsg CVPR 2023

PVSG relates to the existing video scene graph generation (VidSGG) problem, which focuses on temporal interactions between humans and objects grounded with bounding boxes in videos.

Panoptic Scene Graph Generation

Jingkang50/OpenPSG 22 Jul 2022

Existing research addresses scene graph generation (SGG) -- a critical technology for scene understanding in images -- from a detection perspective, i. e., objects are detected using bounding boxes followed by prediction of their pairwise relationships.

HiLo: Exploiting High Low Frequency Relations for Unbiased Panoptic Scene Graph Generation

franciszzj/HiLo ICCV 2023

Existing unbiased methods tackle the long-tail problem by data/loss rebalancing to favor low-frequency relations.

Pair then Relation: Pair-Net for Panoptic Scene Graph Generation

king159/pair-net 17 Jul 2023

Panoptic Scene Graph (PSG) is a challenging task in Scene Graph Generation (SGG) that aims to create a more comprehensive scene graph representation using panoptic segmentation instead of boxes.

Panoptic Scene Graph Generation with Semantics-Prototype Learning

lili0415/psg-biased-annotation 28 Jul 2023

To promise consistency and accuracy during the transfer process, we propose to measure the invariance of representations in each predicate class, and learn unbiased prototypes of predicates with different intensities.

VLPrompt: Vision-Language Prompting for Panoptic Scene Graph Generation

franciszzj/VLPrompt 27 Nov 2023

Panoptic Scene Graph Generation (PSG) aims at achieving a comprehensive image understanding by simultaneously segmenting objects and predicting relations among objects.