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As a remote sensing image processing task, Pan-sharpening aims to increase the spatial resolution of the low-resolution multispectral image with the guidance of the corresponding panchromatic image.

Most implemented papers

Pansharpening by convolutional neural networks in the full resolution framework

matciotola/z-pnn 16 Nov 2021

A further problem is the scarcity of training data, which causes a limited generalization ability and a poor performance on off-training test images.

Pansharpening via Detail Injection Based Convolutional Neural Networks

XiaoXiao-Woo/PanCollection 23 Jun 2018

Pansharpening aims to fuse a multispectral (MS) image with an associated panchromatic (PAN) image, producing a composite image with the spectral resolution of the former and the spatial resolution of the latter.

Rethinking CNN-Based Pansharpening: Guided Colorization of Panchromatic Images via GANs

ozcelikfu/PanColorGAN 30 Jun 2020

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)-based approaches have shown promising results in pansharpening of satellite images in recent years.

Guided Deep Decoder: Unsupervised Image Pair Fusion

tuezato/guided-deep-decoder ECCV 2020

The proposed network is composed of an encoder-decoder network that exploits multi-scale features of a guidance image and a deep decoder network that generates an output image.

Learning deep multiresolution representations for pansharpening

sohaibali01/deep_pyramid_fusion 16 Feb 2021

Retaining spatial characteristics of panchromatic image and spectral information of multispectral bands is a critical issue in pansharpening.

Pansharpening PRISMA Data for Marine Plastic Litter Detection Using Plastic Indexes

vkristoll/Pansharpening-PRISMA-CNNs IEEE Access 2021

The required pre-processing steps have been defined and 13 pansharpening methods have been applied and evaluated for their ability to spectrally discriminate plastics from water.

Sentinel-2 Sharpening Using a Single Unsupervised Convolutional Neural Network With MTF-Based Degradation Model

hvn2/S2S_UCNN IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 2021

However, the downside of those methods is that the DL-based methods need to be trained separately for the 20 m and the 60 m bands in a supervised manner at reduced resolution, while the model-based methods heavily depend on the hand-crafted image priors.

Hyperspectral Pansharpening Based on Improved Deep Image Prior and Residual Reconstruction

wgcban/DIP-HyperKite 6 Jul 2021

To estimate the PAN image of the up-sampled HSI, we also propose a learnable spectral response function (SRF).

Full-resolution quality assessment for pansharpening

matciotola/fr-pansh-eval-tool 13 Aug 2021

Both reference-based and no-reference indexes present critical shortcomings which motivate the community to explore new solutions.